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The problem is in all morons who worshiped him but they are only hurting themselves by being ignorant sheep. I didn t agree to play their game. Some of his YouTube clips have reached over million views [...] 589

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Abide by the rules of sports if you choose to play. The reason they kill sometimes is because take doses that are many larger than what safe. I actually was thinking this while watched videos and decided to google it see what other said about subject. One year later when was got his first tattoo chest which read Veni Vidi Vici [...] 737

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His brother Chestbrah later released video on brothers death stating that was an massage parlor getting foot rub when felt tired and told masseuse going lay down for bit. A douchebag is oblivious of their negative perception by greater general public yet still think they are awesome. Aziz then went to University of Western Sydney where was set graduate but passed away shortly before [...] 1239

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It wasn sposed to end like this can stop Fkn crying m dyeing on the inside. If possible as you gain expertise would mind updating your blog with more information extremely helpful bstance abuse commentLoad . January Madvillain Yeah it s shame he could have accomplished similar results without the steroids. But I think the mantra struck chord and explains Zyzz legendary status [...] 1258

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Ick box Previous News Chinese pickpockets upgrade their skill to pilfer valuables with chopsticksNext China Railway drops plan raise m via share placement Comments Area Total Before posting click LOGIN bar on left Other you maybe interested Bangladeshis demand death penalty killers of year old boy mistaken thief beaten Victorian fugitive Daniel Damon asks police use better photo warrant Dog found chewing dead owner McDonald launches allday breakfast Australia Women flock Japan zoo see hunky gorilla good looks muscles Most popular killed least injured Spain worst coach crash more than decade Xiamen schools open sports facilities public Jimei key projects RMBbln development Typhoons that going affect Facts figures during CNY holiday WOXpage Girls Lily cheerleader Yanna Yuan Gallery Asia Pacific Protesters gather demonstration July against murder Sylhet . But the gift will only be for those who see through surface and acknowledge lie behind cult of Zyzz. Many gorgeous women ended up on his dick January Sir Alan Zyzz neither role model bad influence. The media saw his death as warning about excessive use of anabolic steroids although autopsy later revealed previously undiagnosed congenital heart defect [...] 1111

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I ll leave your comment up here as long and friends don fill the board with hatred. Thailand where died is many bodybuilders go because steroids are legal freely available at ten percent of the price most western countries they illegal. Future divorcee getting is ass raped family court and crying when alone. January Phinn men who are not complete idiots don say Brah every four seconds [...] 525

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Remember he mentioned was going to Arnold Status becoming more TOO aesthetic. FUCKING COME AT BRO YOU SAD . Zyzz brother Chestbra also commented here I recall and can fully appreciate how must feel tooas lost my younger some years ago [...] 369

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The Department stated autopsy was not yet been completed even so it had verified early on Wednesday morning that Zyzz went into heart attack times just before emergency teams could get there. At the time knew almost nothing about nutrition getting into lifting routine or other basics of weight training grew up an area where outdated broscience was accepted fact. Perhaps Zyzz followers are pointing to this when they talk about inspiration young people who ve badly lost their way PMI never heard of guy. Thanks to Zyzz today young men are much open the idea of getting shredded their older counterparts offering hope that masculinity is not on way being dead and buried st century English speaking world [...]